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Summary of photography

My Digital Photography Club, a subsidiary of Tranz Arts, is about tips and techniques used in photography. Below is the list of topics, given in the site for site navigation.

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Abstract photography: How to shoot abstract pictures

Accessories in photography: Accessories in photography, used along with a camera, lens and studio flash

Aerial Photography: Tips on aerial photography

Amateur Photography: Some tips on amateur photography

Animal Photography: Animal photography - tamed or wild animal photography tips

Aperture: How aperture works in photography

Architectural Photography: How to shoot architectural subject

Auto-focus mechanism: Read about how auto-focus mechanism of a camera works

Auto or manual mode: Which is more useful, auto mode or manual mode of a camera

Available light: How to use available light

Baby photography: Some suggestions on how to photograph a baby

Background of a photograph: How to select a background, or what care we should take while shooting a photograph against natural backdrop

Best photography website: Finding and considering photography websites

Bird photography: Some useful tips on how to take photographs of birds

Black and white photography: Black and white photographic filters and their use

Black color: Importance of black color

Blue color: How blue color works

Blur of a lens: Lens fault of blur causing defocusing of an image

Built, finish and weight of a lens: Why finishing and weight of a lens is important

Broad lighting: Studio light arrangement for broad lighting, which is used for model with narrow face

Brown color: Use of brown color in photography

Buy cameras: Classified advertisements for new and used cameras and other photography accessories for sale in your country

Butterfly lighting: Butterfly or glamour lighting technique

Summary of photography...(continued)

Camera: Know different types of cameras

Camera battery: Read about camera batteries

Camera battery care: Read about how to take care of a camera battery

Camera Care: Know how to store and take care of your camera

Camera Lens: Learn about lenses and their characteristic

Camera Support: Read about camera supports required in photography

Candid Photography: How to shoot candid pictures

Child models: Find child models available for commercial assignment

Child photography: Learn about child photography

Chromatic aberration: Lens fault of chromatic aberration and how it is corrected

Colors: Read about different colors, how they work

Color correction filters: Use of CC filters and white balance

Color in photography: Element of color in photography

Color temperature: Technical explanation of color temperature of light

Colour Contrast: See the effect of color contrast

Colour Harmony: How color harmony works

Compact camera: Learn about compact camera, how it works

Complementary colors: Read about complementary colors on color wheel

Contrast in photography: Element of contrast in photography

Cool colors: How cool colors work

Cross star filter: Effects of cross star filter

Dark colors: Application of dark colors

Depth of field: Read about depth of field, how it affects the result

Diffraction: Scattering of light causing diffraction in an image

Digital camera: Read about digital camera and analog camera

Digital camera care: How to take care of a digital camera

Digital photography tips: Get some useful tips about camera settings and photography

DSLR camera: Read about how a digital SLR camera works

Dull colors: Read about dull colors

Summary of photography...(continued)

Earn from photography: How to earn from photography

Elements of image: Read about different elements of an image and their effects

Erotic photography: How to shoot erotic images

EVIL Camera: New design of digital camera

Exposure: Know what are the factors controlling exposure of a film

Exposure meter: Different types of exposure meters used for measuring light

Exposure value: Technical explanation of exposure value

Extending battery life: How to get maximum from your camera battery

Family portrait: Tips on how to shoot family

Fashion Photography: Read about fashion photography

Female models: Find female models available for commercial assignments

Field curvature: Field curvature aberration of a lens

Fine art photography: What is fine art photography, its use and how to shoot it

Fireworks photography: Some useful tips on fireworks photography

Flare: Lens flare and how to take care of it

Flash light: Flash lights used in photography

Flash light meter: Light meter for flash light

Flash photography : Flash photography techniques

Flower photography : Useful tips on flower photography

Focusing mechanism of a lens: What you should check in focusing mechanism of a lens

Food photography: How to shoot food

Food photography tips: Some tips on camera angle for food shots

Form in photography: Form as an element in photography

Glamour photography: Some tips on glamour photography

Green color: Use of green color

Grey color: How grey color works

Guide number: Read about how guide number is used in flash photography

Summary of photography...(continued)

Hard light: Use of hard light in photography

High angle photography: How high angle shots work in different genre of photography

High key photography: How to shoot a high key picture

History of photography: Read how photography was invented

Holding camera: How to hold a camera while taking pictures

Holiday photography: Some tips on what photography equipment we need for holiday trip

Home photo studio: Some useful tips on how to set a small photography studio in your spare room

How to become a model: Some useful guidance for new comers on how to enter the modelling world

How to become a professional photographer: Some tips on how to work as a professional photographer

How to become a wedding photographer: Tips on how to be a wedding and function photographer

How to check aperture of a lens: Some useful tips on how and what to check in lens aperture

How to make a light box: Simple and portable light box you can make from house hold plumbing fittings

How to measure intensity of light: Measuring and checking the brightness of light and exposure

How to shoot cars in a studio: Some tips on how to shoot a car in a photo studio

How to shoot cars on an outdoor location: Some tips on how to shoot a car on road and outdoor location

How to shoot engineering products: Some useful tips on engineering product photography

How to shoot fashion accessories: Some tips on photography of fashion accessories

How to shoot jewelry: What we should consider while shooting jewelry and other expensive ornaments

How to shoot lingerie: Some suggestions on a lingerie shoot

How to shoot sofa set: Photography tips on sofa sets and other furniture

How to shoot spider web: Tips and technique of shooting a spider web in nature and in studio

How to test a camera lens: Testing a camera lens for its quality

How to use a flash light meter: How to use a flash light meter to measure studio flash light

Hyper-focal focusing: Focusing setting of a camera lens at hyper-focal distance

Impressive colors: Read about impressive colors

Industrial Photography: Tips on industrial photography

Information on a lens: Indication and information given on a lens, which can show its quality

Infrared Photography: Learn about infrared photography

Landscape Photography: How to shoot landscape

Lens faults: Various types of faults a lens can have, and how to check it

Light: Learn about different qualities of light

Light attachments: Learn about light attachments used in photography

Light colors: Use of light colors

Line in photography: Element of line in photography

Loss of contrast: How lens loose its ability of capturing contrast

Low angle photography: How low angle shots are useful in different genre of photography

Low key photography: How to shoot a low key image

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Summary of photography:

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