Food Photography Tips

Here are some food photography tips, which we should consider while shooting.

Food is a subject, which requires proper treatment for composition and lighting, or a palatable dish looks insipid. Use of background, texture, negative space, shape and color enhances the pictorial appeal of a photograph.

Various elements of image can be used when we shoot a dish. Camera angle can be frontal, angular or top, which depends on what element of image we want to explore.

Food photography tips on camera angle:

When we want to emphasis on form and shape, top angle is more preferable. Camera showing a dish from top reveals the shape and form of ingredients. In such case, we cannot play with depth of field but the result is crisp and striking.

We can play with depth of field to isolate certain area of the composition. Here, frontal camera angle is more suitable. Use aperture settings at either f-4 or f-5.6 and focus in the most important area or texture of the image.

We have to keep white balance of the image setting in such a way that white is recorded as pure white and there is no unwanted color cast of red, green or blue. When studio flash is used, then we should keep white balance setting on flash. This will work in most of the case but studio flash light can be contaminated, if light attachments (umbrella or soft box)used on flash are not clean. In such case, some editing is required in photo editing soft ware.

When we shoot food in day or available light, and if we are not sure of the quality of light, then we can either shoot on auto mode or pre-set mode of white balance setting. Again, some editing may be needed.

If the available light is not powerful, a good tripod is must. However, even if you can shoot without a tripod (if using studio flash lights), use it as it will allow you to do some fine adjustments in the composition.

Always try to give enough emphasis by providing balanced negative space to main ingredient. White color as negative space works in most of cases, but we can use other colors also, provided it blends with the atmosphere and gives a clean look.

Whatever props we use in food photography, they must be of best quality. They must occupy appropriate position in the layout without yelling too much. They are in supporting roll. Even if they are cropped, don't bother about it. In fact, many times, when main dish is cropped, it looks more appealing as cropping represents continuity of the object.

Some manipulation and cheating can be done, if required, when we shoot food for a magazine or a recipe book. Food photography tips are all about showing food in most tempting way.

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