Tips on royalty free stock photography

Royalty free stock photography is becoming a good source of residual income for many photographers, who are not doing photography as a full time job. Micro-stock photography agencies collect photographs from different contributors and sell them on royalty free basis. This means that the photograph is sold to a buyer, but he has no exclusive right on the photograph and has limited use. The same photograph can be sold again and again to different buyers.

So it is win win win condition for all - the photographer, the micro-stock agency and the buyer.

As a photographer, you will keep on receiving income, whenever your photograph is downloaded and sold. The agency will keep on getting their commissions for each sell and the buyer is getting a photograph at dirt cheap price for not having exclusive rights.

Generally, a photograph is sold at a dollar, however, the actual price depends on the file size of the photograph. Each sell is only licenced for one time limited use. If the buyer wants to use a photograph for extended licence, he has to pay accordingly. Rights of the photograph remains with the author and the author, that is you, receives 50 percent of sell amount.

Though the amount of 50 cents is a peanut for any creativity, but the same photograph can be sold for thousand times and you will get a good $500 as your compensation.

Some agencies offer free downloads of photographs as their promotion and you have a choice to allow your photograph for free download. The entire system is transparent and you can check your account and earnings any time. There is no limitations for submission of number of photographs, however, you must submit a good quality.

Click here to find a good micro-stock agency.

Getting model's permission, any other permission and respecting a copy-right of other manufacturer or company is your responsibility, and no royalty free stock photography agency will accept your work unless all these formalities are completed. This is a good way of earning from photography, as you do not have to worry about marketing your creativity.

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