Tips on publishing house photography

Publishing house photography requires all type of photographs. Any publishing house or a printing press, who is printing calendars, pin-up posters, magazines or books will need photographs.

These photographs can be on any subject. A calendar manufacturer will need photographs on wild-life, flowers, nature and landscape. Pin-up posters can be of food, still-life, baby or glamour. Magazines are specialized on different subjects and they need photographs accordingly, which could be on travel, food, fashion, architectural or film based. Publishing house, printing books will require photographs on the related topic of the book. Other manufactured items like T-shirts, mugs and bags also need photographs.

This kind of photography should be done with proper planning and preparation. You should have some knowledge on designing of page layout as page layout is the in between process, which will edit, recompose, crop and enlarge your photograph. Dead line is always there and you must schedule your shoot.

These photographs are for pure commercial use. The quality of the picture in terms of lighting, composition and contents has to be absolutely immaculate as many times, (such as a poster) it is only the photograph, which is going to sell a product.

Remuneration depends on how many copies the publishing house is going to print, and is the product going to be marketed locally, state wise, country wise or globally. Also you are entitled for royalty, in case the photograph is used in second addition.

Getting model's permission, any other permission and respecting a copy-right of other manufacturer or company is your responsibility.

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