Flower Photography

Flower photography is all about capturing the delicate shape and color of mother nature. This is a genre of nature photography, which is done outdoors, as well as in a studio.

In outdoor photography, flowers can be a part of landscape. If it is isolated, then it is a nature photography, especially if it is along with an insect or a butterfly. There is no demarcation line, which separates out this photography from others. However, when we are shooting a flower, just for its beauty and colors, then we have to consider few tips.

Always avoid direct sun light falling on a flower. For this, early morning light is much preferable. At the time of a day break, the subject is generally covered with dew drops, which adds a message of purity and virginity in the photograph.

If direct sun light is falling on the subject, cover it with a white umbrella or any translucent material. As the subject is small, we will be able to control it without much issue. The light will become soft but directional, which is required to capture the delicate mold and color saturation of a flower.

Keep the background as simple as possible. Back ground can be a plain sky or if the sky is not in the frame, then use a larger aperture to keep the depth of field less. This will blur the distracting back ground.

However, we will need just right aperture to get enough depth of field. Read about this topic here

When the bright sky is there in the frame, it will act as a source of light and pass through the delicate petals of the flower. The result will be washed out color saturation. To over come this. we can use frontal light in form of a reflector. We can also use the camera flash but make it soft by placing a tracing paper sheet (six inch away from the flash).

In a studio, light is much easy to control. A soft directional light from a soft box is just enough and with use of reflectors to fill in the shadow area, we can capture the delicacy of the subject.

We can use some props when shooting a flower in a studio. A flower vase is one of the most obvious prop. Some ribbons flowing, some old books, drape, some fruits... list can be long but be sure that the focus is not shifted to still life photography from flower photography.

As this subject is very popular with greeting card and calendar manufacturers, go for a high key approach to convey the story of happiness and positive feel. In such case, bright and light colors in the back ground will enhance the ambiance. Spray some glycerin or water on the petals to create a dew drop effect. As the subject by itself is a symbol of love and romance, we can use soft focus filter to create the romantic mood with flowers.

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