Erotic photography

Erotic photography is considered as a fine art or artistic photography, which is showing human figure in sexually provocative manner. The model can be clothed or unclothed, but the facial expression, which is the most important component in this genre of photography, is conveying the entire story.

Erotic photographs are placed in between glamour photographs and nude photographs. They does not have any commercial selling point. They can have limited edition blow-ups as wall posters. They are mostly done to promote the model, or shot for erotic photography magazines.

There is a very fine line between decency and vulgarity, and if we cross it, then the picture looks vulgar. We have to follow rules of nude photography such as not revealing details in the lower part of the body, while showing human figure. However, in case of erotic composition, the subject may be clothed. In such case, we can break this rule of nude photography but we have to follow facial expression rules otherwise the photograph of a clothed model will look like a model's portfolio.

The facial expression should be absolutely blank and without any smile in erotic photography. We can show little anger or attitude on facial expressions. Eye contact with the camera, which is not advisable in nude photography, is preferred in erotic photographs. Eye contact establish direct communication with the viewer, and personal touch is built with the viewer.

Body language has its own importance, as most of shots are of a full figure. Therefore, a graceful posture with smooth leg curvature is essential. However, even exhausted appearance and attitude also work well in erotic photography.

Low key lighting is preferable, to create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere in erotic photography. Since the approach is towards developing serious ambiance, high key lighting will not work for its basic property of showing a happy and active mood. However, we can experiment with this lighting in erotic photography, especially when we are shooting a semi nude model. Again, we have to be careful with lighting or the photograph will look like a product shot for lingerie.

Use of old or antique props and jewellery add some spice in the composition. Worn out or torn clothes create place of interest, especially if it is close to important parts of the body. If we use fresh and latest item as props, then the genre will shift towards fashion photography.

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Erotic photography

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