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Index of photography

My Digital Photography Club, a subsidiary of Tranz Arts, is about tips and techniques used in photography. Below is the complete list of topics, given in the site as index of photography and site navigation.

Index from M to Z in alphabatical order

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Macro photography: How to shoot macro and close-up photography

Male models: Find male models for commercial photography assignment

Medium light: Medium soft light and its effects

Megapixel: Understanding mega pixel of a digital camera

Memory card: Read about memory cards used in digital camera

Mired value: How to find color correction filters with mired value number

Model photography: Useful tips on model photography for portfolio

Modelling career: What you should know about modelling career

Modelling fees: What you should consider when setting you fees as a model

Modelling portfolio: Modelling portfolio making charges and My Digital Photography Club offer

Modelling scam: Scam in modelling profession and how to avoid it

Modelling tips: Some useful tips on modelling career

Models for photography assignment: Up coming models can upload their portfolio for modelling assignments

Index of photography...(continued)

Narrow lighting: Narrow lighting set up in studio for portrait photography of a model with round face

Nature photography: Tips on nature photography

Negative space: Importance of negative space in image

Neutral density filters: Why neutral density filters are so useful

Night photography: Tips on photography at night

Nude Photography: Useful tips on successful nude photography

Optical distortion: Distortion formed by a camera lens, how to check it

Other Photographic Accessories: Read about other photographic accessories required in photography

Outdoor photography: Read about techniques of outdoor photography

Outdoor photography lighting: Read about how to use small flash in outdoor

Outdoor portraits: Some useful tips on outdoor portrait photography

Index of photography...(continued)

Pattern in photography: Pattern as an element of a picture

Perspective in photography: How perspective makes a photograph

Pet photography: Care we should take in pet photography

Photographic filters: Use of photographic filters

Photography equipments: How much photography equipment you need

Photography in direct sun light: How to take photographs in mid day sun

Photography Forum: Your forum to write articles

Photography Workshop: Workshop covering some unusual techniques

Photojournalism: Tips on photojournalism

Polarizing filter: Use of polarizing filters in photography

Portrait photography: How to shoot portraits, different lighting techniques

Positive space: Element of positive space in composition

Product photography: Techniques of product photography

Product review: Reviews of photography products and equipment

Publishing house photography: Requirements for a publishing house photography assignment

Purple color: How purple color works

Quick release plate: Quick release plate for camera tripod

Range of focal length: Range of focal length of a zoom lens

Real estate photography: How to take photographs of real estate

Red color: Use of red color

Red eye effect: The reason of red eyes, captured in a photograph and how to avoid it

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Royalty free stock photography: What is royalty free stock photography

Saturation of color How saturation of color works

Sell cameras: Sell your photography equipment. Classified advertisements of people wanted to buy cameras and other photography accessories in your country

Shadow in photography: Importance of shadow in photography

Shape in photography: Shape as an element of photograph

Sharpness of a lens: Resolution and lens contrast - how to test it

Shutter: Different types of shutter mechanism in camera

Size in photography: How size is important as an element

SLR - Single Lens Reflex camera: Mechanism of an SLR camera, how it works

Soft focus filters: Use of soft focus filter in photography

Soft light: Soft light and its effect in photography

Spherical aberration: Fault of a lens in form of spherical aberration

Sports Photography: How to take good pictures of sports

Still life: Considerations in still life photography

Stock photography: Read about stock photography

Studio Flash Light: Know more about studio flash lights

Studio flash reflector: Read about how to select a good metal reflector for your studio flash light

Surreal photography: How to shoot surreal images

Telephoto lens: Some tips on how to use a telephoto lens

Texture in photography: Element of texture in photography

Tips on photography: Tips on various genre of photography

Tone in photography: Element of tone in photography

Tranquil colors: How tranquil colors work

Tripods: Different types of tripod, their mechanism and use

Twilight: Shooting after sunset, use of twilight

Types of camera: Different designs of camera and their advantage

Index of photography...(continued)

UV filter: Use of UV filter

Vivid colors: Use of vivid colors in photography

Warm colors: How warm colors work

Wedding photography: Learn about wedding photography

Which camera to buy: Factors in selecting a camera for you

White color: Why white color is so important, use of white color

Wide angle lens: Use of wide angle lens in photography

Wildlife photography: Learn about wild life photography assignments

Yellow color: Understanding effects of yellow color

Zoom lens: Why optical zoom is better than digital zoom

Zoom ring: Ring on a lens barrel for zoom and focusing

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Abbas Saigara is the author, photographer and owner of Tranz arts. Tranz Arts is an advertising agency.

Tranz Arts : Parel, Mumbai 400012 (India)

Summary of photography:

Site navigation and summary of photography is provided for easy search of topics covered on this site.

- Index of photography

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