Yellow color in photography

Yellow color is considered as happy and live color. It is a warm color associated with fire and the sun. Purity of this color has opposite effects as saturated and vivid shade makes it restless but pale shade has a soothing effect.

Saturated yellow in photography looks exciting. Vivid shade is used on heavy engineering machines and other earth moving equipment, which makes it look active.

Bright deep yellow is very popular in toys for children.

As yellow works well with brown color, in food photography, yellow gets a special treatment. Many fruits and vegetables are yellow in color, so this color goes in harmony in food dish.

In landscape and nature photography, yellow works as a spice. We seldom see this color in nature apart form some beautiful flowers and birds, and when we see them, we are excited. Same things apply in photography, when little bit of saturated yellow is present in the composition, landscape photography has an astonishing appeal.

Pale yellow gives a calm feel. As a background color, it sometime works as we are familiar with yellow background in nature (as in field and sand dune) but vivid yellow rarely works as a background, unless we are shooting an abstract photograph.

Though it is live and natural color, it is also associated with fall. Dry dead leaves in nature are yellow. That is why over use of yellow makes it tiresome and boring. However, in fashion and glamour photography, it works well for its feminine look.

Light with wavelength of about 575 nm is yellow.

Yellow is a primary color, Complementary color of yellow is blue. On CMYK color mode, it is pure yellow. On RGB color mode, which is additive, red and green makes yellow.

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