Vivid Colors - Strong and Possessive

Vivid colors are pure form of any color, without any contamination of other hue. They are strong, possessive and egoistic. Warm or cool, they shout their own story. They are important colors, which attract immediate attention so they need to be given proper treatment with some negative space. As they have a strong personality, they compete with any other vivid hue. A careful, balanced composition of two is tolerable but more than two has to be placed with careful planning, or it will create "riot of colors"

These are colors, that can make or spoil a photograph. In most of applications, they play their role. Clever use of them, like some spice in a dish, is the secrete to explore and use them properly.

In food photography, they act well for their natural bold opinion. However, we have to take care with blue and up to some extent, violet as these colors are rare as a food item.

Vivid group of colors make fashion and glamour photography alive, as they can be on dress and accessories. They also work as a background but if they are over used as a negative space, they spoil the importance of positive space.

When a photograph has lots of tranquil, light and dull colors, use of vivid shade of any color creates immediate interest, irrespective of whether they are warm or cool.

Even black and white are considered in this group. However, they are at extreme end of the spectrum so individually, they will work with any other color.

Though these colors are very strong content of a photograph, use them with respect, as all of them are territorial.

On CMYK color mode, they have at least one color of cyan, magenta, yellow or black as solid, except white, where all colors are absent.

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