Tranquil colors - calm and serene

Tranquil colors give opposite effect of impressive and striking colors. These colors can be vivid, but they are cool colors with blue and green color dominating the group.

As blue in nature represents water and sky, and green represents earth and plantation, these calm colors convey message of relaxation and peace. They can work on their own and with careful selection of saturation in the hue, we can create a complete picture, which has all elements of photograph in it, with pictorial appeal.

For nature and landscape photography, they are the first requirement. When little bit of yellow, orange or red is added in the composition as spice, they complement each other to give an astonishing image. They can also provide a good backdrop in case, we are shooting a fashion or glamour picture.

These colors work well for delicate products like toys and cosmetics. On the other end, they also work well for strong, heavy engineering products. They are capable of conveying the content of a photograph in a peaceful way.

In food photography, these colors require careful placement as apart from green, no other colors support food. However, for their cool appearance, they are useful when presenting sweet dishes, cakes or ice creams.

Secondary colors in this group are turquoise and purple, which are considered more tranquil than the primary version. Even warm colors like red and orange give tranquil feel, if they are mixed with white and made lighter. Black and white are considered as impressive and striking colors but grey shades are considered as a tranquil colors.

As opposite to vivid colors, tranquil shades does not give an exciting look at a first glance, but they are the colors, which are not boring. They will not make us tired, even if we look at them for long period.

These colors can take all treatments of either being lighter (add white) or dull (add light grey), and vivid or darker, as the base of this group is of natural colors, which we find everywhere in the nature.

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