Camera - learn about it

You can get some knowledge on structure and types of camera. We will be covering:

Types of design

Megapixel of digital image sensor

Memory card and data storage device

Aperture of a lens

Auto focus mechanism of a camera lens

Exposure and Exposure Value - EV calculations

Various type of lens

Depth of field


Shutter mechanism

What equipment one should buy?

This is the first thought one has in his mind. Buying equipment is a simple thing but buying a useful equipment is really difficult. There are hundreds of manufacturers offering thousands of products. We have to consider our requirement, budget, use, serviceability and resale value of our equipment.

Requirement: If you are very serious about photography, then only go for expensive equipment and accessories, otherwise a good compact version or EVIL camera will serve your purpose. Then you will have to further narrow down your list for in which field of photography, you are interested. If you are interested in wild life, then you will need one with telephoto-lens. You will need a good tripod but lights are not required for you. If your bent is towards architect and interior, you will need one with wide angle. If it is for nature and science, then an SLR with macro lens and facility to mount the body on microscope is required. However, for most of the general use, you can get one with 18mm to 75mm zoom-lens.

Budget: Photography equipment are not cheap. SLRs and DSLRs are more expensive but is a must if you are serious about photography. SLRs are expensive for their complicated mechanics, so maintenance and repairing also is expensive. However, the advantage an SLR have over their range finder counter part is unmatched. An SLR will give you full control over exposure and will allow you to change or use any attachments on the lens, individually or in series. There is no issue of parallax with an SLR.

EVIL is another option, which is the combination of compact and SLR design features. (read more about EVIL design)

Use: Like any machine, camera and other equipment should be regularly used. Do not waste your money if it is not to be used frequently. Remember, it is always better to get worn out rather than rusted!

Serviceability: Like any machine, photography gears need service and maintenance. It requires spare parts. Be sure of the supplier, for he is capable to provide this service.

Resale value: This is a tricky consideration as most of us will not part with their equipment. Yet, you should consider, for you need to upgrade these digital tools.


Lenses are classified as fish eye, wide angle, normal, telephoto and zoom. Focal length will decide the classification. Second factor is speed. Faster lenses (with lower aperture number - wider opening) are more expensive.

Lenses are corrected for different faults like flare, chromatic aberration, spherical aberration, distortion, field curvature and diffraction. Cost of a lens is directly proportion to amount of correction.

Read about exposure meter

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