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Accessories in photography, used along with a camera, lens and studio flash are to be considered methodically for its quality, durability, price and usage, as thousands of products are available in the market, and we should go for the most required equipment. As these products are not cheap, so avoid wasting money on anything which is not required frequently.

If we are committed to enter in photography business with huge fund and planning a full fledged studio, then we can go for all required accessories. We have to search the local market and photography equipment dealers. They will show us full range of different accessories, available in the market. However, in most of cases, this is not going to happen. Most of commercial photographers start their photography as a hobby, for firstly, they would prefer to practice and built confidence to face the competition in terms of their photography skills and quality, and secondly, they would like to test the market competition in terms of business. Once this initial stage is done, then they will go for actual photography assignments.

After receiving a confirmed assignment, they will buy all accessories required to complete that particular assignment. In such case, first few assignments may not give them profit, or may be, they have to invest form their pocket. However, accessories bought during this period is the profit and they know how to get maximum out of whatever accessories they have. Yes, I did the same way. This strategy was applied for investing on some basic accessories in photography, including lenses.

Apart from a good camera, we will need tripod, (read more) studio flash lights, (read more) light attachments, (read more) stands to support lights and background, background papers and clothes, reflectors... list is really long but it can be done as we will earn returns from our investment. When we are set in our business, we will need few accessories (like studio flash and tripod) as a back up and spare one, so that if, in the middle of a photography assignment, any equipment fails, we are not stuck.

New products and models are introduced in the market every now and then, and we have to keep a check as per our needs. Some of the products are just upgraded for their finish and style. So do not fall in a marketing trap, and go only for the most useful accessories used in photography.

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