Camera Support and Stands

Camera support is required to give firm support and stability to the camera, especially when we are shooting at slow shutter speeds. These supports are tripod, mono-pod, shoulder support and gyro stabilizer.

Tripod: Tripod is one of the most useful and versatile took to support a camera. There are variety of models available for camera support in form of tripods. Read more about different types of tripods and their use here

Mono pod: This stand has only one adjustable leg. It is very convenient to use for outdoor shoots. However, this stand just provides additional support and takes the weight of the camera on it. It is not for long exposures, unless we happen to find some means of holding this mono pod with some other support like a tree or a pole.

Depending on the model, a mono pod may have pan and tilt head or mono ball head. Some models are available with chest rest to provide additional support.

Shoulder Support: These supports are used for an additional rest of a camera on shoulder, when we are operating the camera hand held. A very useful support, especially when we are shooting long sessions on outdoors. It gives freedom for movements, which a tripod will not give. There are different designs available, and some designs may have an extra small leg and belt to fasten it around the chest. Small leg can be fixed on the waist belt.

Shoulder support for a camera is not a positive support. It is mainly designed to transfer the weight of a camera on shoulder. For long exposures, it needs additional support.

Gyro Stabilizer: This support has a rubber ball and a camera mounting plate to fix the camera. Then we can rest or press the rubber ball against a wall, a tree or even on a moving vehicle's body while shooting. Air filled rubber ball is designed to absorb vibrations. Again, this is not a positive support but a very handy tool, which allows a fairly slow shutter speeds, which otherwise is not possible.

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