Camera Battery

Camera battery supplies the electrical power to digital cameras. Professional version of many analog cameras can work without any battery or external power source, but in digital version, all cameras require an electrical power.

This power is required for the imaging, processing and digitizing the input data and for transferring the processed data to image storing device. Power is also required for LCD display screen and flash light, and if the camera has auto-focus lens, a battery operated zoom lens and image stabilizer, then more power is required.

This power is supplied by either normal batteries, which are easily available at any store. Otherwise, they are specifically made for that particular camera model as original equipment part. They are referred as propriety battery. Both options have their advantages and drawbacks, which we must consider while buying the camera.

All batteries supply power in milli-ampere per hour, and rated as mAh. Different camera models need power at different rate, which can be anything form 500 mAh to 2500 mAh.

Specifically made batteries for camera are expensive, but they are designed to supply power in much accurate ampere for the camera design and functions. They last for quite long period and can be recharged quickly.

Normal batteries used in camera are either AA size or AAA size, which are cheap and easily available. We can keep extra set in case, we are on an outdoor shoot. However, they drain out quickly, especially if we use it with auto mode on focusing and zoom, and use flash light.

Some SLR and DSLR camera models can take a camera battery grip, which is an additional accessory. It is a specially designed battery holder for that particular camera model. This grip takes normal batteries in multiple number, thus eliminating the requirement of frequent change of drained battery. As this holder is to be externally fixed on the camera body. It also provides a good grip to the camera.

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