Camera Battery Care

Here are some tips on camera battery care, which are actually applicable for all batteries.

General care of a battery starts right from its storage. A new battery with seal must be stored in a cool and dry place. All good stores will follow this storage rule. However, we must check the expiry date and seal when we are buying a normal battery for the camera.

Insert the battery correctly. Check the camera manual and the simple graphics, showed on the back of the battery compartment cover, which indicates the polarity of battery placement. In case of batteries, which are specifically made for the camera model, most of batteries are shaped in such a way that it can only be inserted in one correct way. If we try the wrong way, then the battery compartment cover will not close.

When we are using normal battery, few models of camera require more than one battery. In such case, never mix new one with old one. Also never mix an Alkaline battery with Lithium battery or Nickel Cadmium battery.

Some rechargeable batteries suffer from "memory issue." These are mainly rechargeable Nickel Cadmium and Nickel-Metal Hydride type of batteries. These batteries should be used till they are completely drained and then recharge completely for specified time. Do not recharge a half used battery of this type. Lithium Ion batteries have less or no "memory issue" but never overcharge any battery.

All batteries are subject to leak under certain condition, and damage the camera. Temperature and humidity is additional factor, which will stimulate this leakage. So always remove the battery from camera, when it is not in use.

Never short circuit a battery. A damaged or a worn out battery may explode, especially if we try to dispose it in fire.

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