Other Photographic Accessories

Other photographic accessories for camera includes lens hood, remote click, camera bag and some useful tools.

Lens hood: Lens hood cuts off the extraneous light falling in lens and prevents lens flare. Most of them are circular in design and should be used with the lens, for which it is designed. A shallow hood will be less effective to stop light and a deep hood will create vignette on corners of the photograph, making it dark.

Professional version of hoods are rectangular in shape to maximize its performance. They are constructed with bellows, which can be adjusted to use it with different lenses. It can have additional arm to hold a black card, which is used to block the sun during outdoor shoot.

Remote click: This electronic device triggers the camera shutter from a distance with a remote button. It can have a timer control and can have option to shoot continuously at specific time interval. Ir is very useful when shooting a timid subject like birds or if we want to prevent the camera from shaking at the time of trigger.

Cable Release: Cable release is a flexible cord, which is to be fixed on a camera shutter release button. Then we can press the plunger of the cord to activate the shutter.

As the cord is flexible, it absorbs any jerk, produced by hand while clicking. Extra long cords are available and useful when we want to click the shutter from a distance. It is required when we are shooting a bird or when we can not easily reach the shutter, especially, when the camera is set on higher position.

Most of the modern digital cameras does not have a provision to fix this cord. In such case, either we can use remote click or use camera's self timer to click the shutter.

Remote click gives us full control to click the shutter at precise time. This is required when the subject is moving. Example is a child or wild life photography. If the subject is stationary like a product or an architectural shot, then we can use self timer of the camera.

Bags for camera: Camera and equipment bags are designed to provide maximum protection to equipment. Good quality versions are gasket sealed to give protection against weather. Branded bags are tested for accidental impacts and are guaranteed to protect the equipment.

Other things we may need are lens cap to protect the lens, body cap to cover camera body when a lens is not attached, soft leather to clean the lens, blower brush to blow loose dirt particle from lens or camera body, neck strap etc.

There are many more other photographic accessories available, which we can find in a local photography store.

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