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Studio flash lights for photography is one of the first accessory we will probably have, apart from the camera and a tripod. Studio flash gives us better control over lighting the subject. These lights can be modified to make it hard light, medium soft light or soft light.

Flash light is totally independent unit, which can be mounted on its own stand or place it anywhere we want. Flash stand is adjustable for height and directions. A flash light can take other accessories like metal reflectors, umbrellas, snoot, spot fixture, soft box and honey comb to modify the quality of light. Read more about flash light attachments for a studio.

Flash light for studio contains a modeling lamp, which is a much less powerful, ordinary light bulb. This bulb light shows the direction and effect of light falling on the object. When a flash is fired, the bulb will go off and the flash tube will throw a brief burst of flash light.

These lights are available in different power and output. High power lights with flash duration of 1/750th of a second are used in large studios whereas less powerful lights with flash duration of 1/3000th of a second are used as a filler and secondary light.

All lights contain a slave unit, which is a switch, sensitive to light. This means that all other lights will fire at the same time, when one studio light is fired, although they are not directly connected with each other with any cable or wire. We have to connect only one light in the flash plug of a camera or, with the flash adopter, which is to be fitted on the hot shoe of the camera.

Flashes are normally calibrated to emit light between 5500 and 6000 degree Kelvin, which means the quality of the light, is the same as daylight.

Depending on a design, flash may have a half power control switch or in advanced models, it may have a regulator, which can either be set on increments of 1/8 power or it may have a step-less control. Some latest design have a remote control regulator switch to regulate the output of a flash light.

Always go for a standard product available in your area. Studio flash is not an extremely sophisticated technology and thousands of manufacturers are manufacturing these lights successfully. Consideration is the mount, on which other attachments are fitted. This mount must be compatible and interchangeable with attachments available in the market, as all light manufacturers does not make all attachments required in photography.

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