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Find some useful tips and polish your skills.

As a hobby, photography is very costly. As a profession, it is one of the highest paying profession. There are millions of people, who are seriously committed to this, but cannot do well because of lack of proper knowledge and guidance. Learn about it in a very simple way.

Here are some useful tips to polish your skills. Different techniques of how to shoot portrait, fashion, food, architectural, wild-life etc. is explained in detail to show how to take good pictures. Write your ideas about it and share your creative photographs with others. If you have any questions related to this topic, ask about it.


Read about Light Attachments used by professionals in a studio. Explanation of various attachments used on a studio flash light to modify the quality of light. Learn about its effect and which attachments are needed for different subject.

Nature provides excellent opportunity to shoot heart throbbing pictures. Know some techniques on this subject. Read about what care you should take while taking pictures in nature.

Earn from your camera and photographs. Find out how you can make some earning from your hobby, even if you are not working as a full time professional photographer. There are various ways to sell your creative work and earn some residual income.

Magic of twilight which must be explored. Read about it to shoot some memorable moments when you are out with your camera on your holiday.

Megapixel of a digital camera, how it is an important factor in the quality of an image... read more


If you have any query on this subject, you can ask. If you are a photographer with a tip to share, or need a place to display and show some of your creative work, join here and help thousands of others to improve their skill.

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Down below is the complete list of different topics:

Abstract   |   Accessories required   |   Aerial   |   Amateur   |   Animal

Aperture of lens   |   Architectural   |   Auto focus mechanism   |   Available light


Background of photograph   |   Beach   |   Best websites   |   Bird   

Black and white   |   Black color  |   Blue color   |   Blur  

Broad light   |   Brown color   |   Butterfly light


Camera   |   Camera care   |   Candid   |   Child  |   Chromatic aberration 

Colors   |   Color correction filters   |   Color temperature   |   Color contrast  

Color harmony   |   Complementary colors   |   Cool colors   |   Cross star filter


Dark colors   |   Depth of field   |   Diffraction   |   Dull colors


Elements of image   |   Erotic photography   |   Exposure


Fashion   |   Female models   |   Fine art   |   Flash light

Flower   |   Focusing mechanism   |   Food   |   Form


Glamour   |   Guide number


Hard light   |   History of photography   |   Holding camera 

Home studio   |   How to be a model  

How to be a professional photographer

How to be a wedding photographer


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