How to become Professional Photographer

How to become professional photographer is a question of passion and determination. Let us assume that you have all basic and advance knowledge about photography and lighting. You can handle professional camera and other accessories. You have or you can arrange all equipment required to complete a commercial assignment. If you want to work as a pro, then you must have commitment to yourself.

Declare yourself as a photographer. This is the first step in how to become professional photographer and it is to be done in two stages. First stage is declaring your status among your friends and relatives, who can recommend you as a photographer in their circle. Other stage is to approach direct clients as a photographer, to get the photography assignment.

Yes, this is a difficult task, but if done properly, you can get through. Present yourself as a business person. You need to have business card with trade name, which represent you as a owner. Other business people and photo buyers like to deal with corporate and business firms, not an individual.

Get required business license, which is applicable in your country and business bank account, through which all transactions and tax is paid. This is how your approach is business to business, which must work.

In order to show your ability and skill as a photographer, you need to have an impressive portfolio. Presentation can be done with actual prints, but if you want to present your work on screen then buy a laptop. Never present your work in a CD or a pen drive and ask your client to see on his computer. If his monitor is not calibrated for brightness and colors, your creative work will fail on the screen.

Established photographers can show their assignment works, which they have done. This is always good enough to gain trust of a client. However as a fresher, who is looking for his first commercial assignment, you have to have different approach. Shoot photographs of objects, products and models in the same way, it has been shot by original creator. Then shoot the same subject in your own way. Clearly specify the original work and then you can show your creativity, which must be at par with the original work.

This approach can built a trust between an art director and you. Once you prove your ability, then you have only commercial deal, which has to be cracked. You may be questioned about your equipment, studio location and work area. Be sure of all equipment you have plus other photography equipment you can hire. Studio location is very important consideration for a client, otherwise he may insist you to shoot in his place.

These are few suggestions on how to become professional photographer, which may be helpful in your career.

Develop good reputation with other people in the field. This is a key factor, which will built your business. Let me be honest, for my first commercial assignment, which was a product shot of a stainless steel utensil. I shot seven rolls of 35mm film in a span of four days but could not get the acceptable result. Finally I approached one of my friend for help. He is a reputed photographer, who guided me for proper lighting and my assignment was complete. Though I made loss but I generated a reputation, that come what may, I can complete an assignment.

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