What is Good Photography

How to do good photography is a question many people can answer. A good photograph is a subjective choice, which depends on the viewer. For a mother, all photographs of her child are good. A photograph for passport is good if it is well lit from all directions and shot against white wall. Client wants his or her product features and beauty in the picture. They are rarely concerned with the background or any other artistic elements, a photograph should have. Art directors will evaluate a photograph for its sharpness, contrast, balance and composition. A stock photo agency will grade any picture as good, which is easily sold. So how we can judge for our own work?

Lots of people show their photographs to their friends for response. Most of them gets good and best grade for all picture, including a snapshot. So that is not a right way to judge our own creativity. A good photograph must have that pictorial appeal, which separate a snapshot from a photograph.

In order to evaluate our work and find out where we stand as a good photographer, there are some ways, however, they are not a full-proof judgement.

When we submit our work in a photography contest, we can find where we stand. Yes, by not winning a contest, one should not feel degraded, as the result depends on the judge's personal choice and his mood.

Submitting our work to stock photo agency is another way to find where we stand as a good photographer. Again, never get dishearten for any of the rejected photographs. Most of agencies will explain reasons, why a photograph is not good. No need to say, here also the mood of the photo inspector plays its role. I had an experience of some of my photographs, rejected by one agency, but the same photographs were approved by another agency. Then there was a photo inspector of a very reputed agency, who thought I had used head on camera flash to shoot a creative product shot!

When more than 60% of your photographs are approved, consider your self as a good photographer. This is the first step, where the initial approval is a booster. Second step is rewarding, as the photographs given for sale starts selling. This is really great achievement by itself, as your creative work is selected and sold from thousands of other good photographs.

Good photography also pay us some money, which is a bi-product, but actual gain is job satisfaction.

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