Fine art photography

Fine art photography is a way to express our thought or emotion through photography. It shows our vision and as a creator, we are referred as an author, rather than a photographer.

This image is not edited in photo editing software. It is actual photograph, created by erecting a set.

This artistic photography is well planned and processed through thoughtful steps. Each and every corner of the photograph is executed to a level of perfection. There is no compromise at any point, either in selection of the subject, props, backdrop or in lighting. We are free to shoot any genre of photography. However, we have to follow all rules of composition, balance, contrast and tonal value to get pictorial appeal in the photograph.

Nevertheless, as there is no defined definition of fine art photography, even abstract photography can be considered in this group, where we are breaking general laws of composition and balance. Yet, fine art, as photography has that authenticity as a value of art. This subject is not considered as a commercial photography, where we are emphasizing more on a product detail. These type of photographs have limited use as a wall picture and place in fine art books and magazines. Any photograph, that can be sold on its own merit can be considered as a fine art photograph.

Fine art images can be considered for commercial use but on the other end, a hard core commercial shoot cannot be taken as a fine art work, in spite of you are taking all care in composition, lay out and selection of props and background. The reason is, commercial images are exposed to their audience to promote a product or a service, for which the client is bearing all cost of mass production. Whereas a fine art work is bought by a viewer, who can be selective.

Still life, food and fashion photography are most popular subjects as fine art. Even nature, landscape and wild life photography also can be shot in this form. However, nude and erotic photography is the first choice for this subject. We must take all precautions to save the picture falling into a vulgar group when we are shooting a human figure in nude. Read more about nude photography.

Use minimum colors in the picture. Secondary colors work better as compared to primary colors as they don't shout. Use of element of strong lines and good tonal value will balance the composition. Use of strong color contrast will reduce the appeal. Think of classical paintings when you are planning a fine art photography approach. It can be a high key photograph but low key photograph will have a stronger impact.

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