High Angle Shot in Photography

High angle shot in photography is a shot, taken from top angle. This does not mean that the camera is set at a height, but even a close up shot, with the camera facing down on the subject, is considered as a high angle shot.

This camera angle works extremely well in food photography. It brings in the subject, (that is food and dishes) right at the consuming position, for which we all are ready.

A shot taken from 60 degree onward falls in this category. As we shift to higher degree, subject falls in one plane, and we do not require too much depth of field. So we can shoot at wider apertures and use faster shutter speeds.

This angle rarely works in portrait photography. The only acceptable angle for portrait from high angle is a dead top camera position, with a female model resting in the ground. In actual, from the camera perspective, this becomes a straight shot of the human face as the model's position and the camera's axis fall in the same line. However, this position of the model on ground gives us a chance to beat gravity and interesting composition, especially of hair, can be formed.

In natural perspective, we rarely see this type of viewing angle, so this angle gives impact of unusual composition. It creates an interest in the viewer's mind, that he or she is inspecting the subject. Example is a photograph of a flower, taken from top angle.

We need an extension arm on a camera tripod. This extension arm allows us to set the camera in such a way, that legs of the tripod is not in the frame.

A dead top position is also used for copying. In this case, the document or the picture we are shooting is placed on the ground and the camera is facing straight down. Though the setting of camera is at high angle, photograph is not. As for the viewer, it looks like a straight copying from a wall. So this is not considered as a high angle shot.

Higher angled shots add a unique perspective to images. When we shift the camera to much higher position, then we shift towards aerial photography.

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