Photojournalism and press photography

Photojournalism and press photography is some what in between wedding photography and wild-life or sports photography. In case of wedding, we know the next action and in wild-life and sports, we are always on our toes. While as a press photographer, some times when we are covering an event, we know the next action. Or we are in an unpredictable situation, and have to be ready for every thing. In both the cases, we have no second chance.

As a press photographer, either one is employed by the news paper or a magazine publishing house, or one can work as a free-lancer. As a hired person, especially in a daily news paper, an assignment is allotted to him, which he has to cover and submit. However, as a free-lancer, we have to find out happenings by our own source and network, shoot it and then sell photographs to any publishing house. It all depends on the content of photographs, which will decide the remuneration. Luck plays significant role, and if we happen to click some thing, which has a good news value, we can demand (or auction) our price.

As everything depends on luck in photojournalism, we cannot survive as a free-lancer. So in this case, we can concentrate on regular events and plan a shoot to cover the entire story. We also can associate with an author, and as a team, submit our articles in magazines. In this case, it could be on any subject - travelling, adventure, festival, medical article or a business meeting.

Always shoot lots of pictures for consideration. Do not just focus on main event, but also get some pictures of behind the scene and of back-stage. Capture expression of audience and off-action participants.

We must obtain a permission as a press photographer. When we are employed by a publishing house, they will arrange our permission but when we are working as a free-lancer, we have to manage on our own.

Photography as photojournalism for editorial use has a special licence, where we can photograph any person without his or her consent. As a press photographer, we can shoot on public places and roads, without any problem. (if we shoot for commercial use, then we have to get permission accordingly). We are allowed to shoot government buildings and other places, where generally, photography is prohibited. We can also shoot on battle field with special permission and protection.

For this genre of photography, we need a DSLR camera with auto exposure and auto focusing facility. A zoom lens is preferred compared to a prime lens. A spare camera, in case of any eventuality is a good insurance. A powerful head-on flash is must. Be equipped with adequate supply of batteries and memory cards. The pictorial appeal in a photograph has a good advantage, but story and content is the most important consideration.

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