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Model: Aashna Soni

Modelling tips for upcoming models

Modelling is a full time profession for talented people. Here are some modelling tips and case studies, which will guide you for your modelling career.

Punctuality is extremely important. In a commercial shoot, lots of money is spent. Client has to pay photographer's charges, studio hiring, lights, other props, make up artist, hair stylist, art director and other assistants. These charges are on per shift bases, which are pre-decided. If the shift is scheduled for nine to six (with a lunch break), the client is spending nearly 150,000/- for the shoot. Which means he is paying nearly 20,000/- per hour. even if you are late by half an hour, you waste 10,000/-, and secondly, shoot may not be completed, if the studio is booked for next shoot or the photographer has another commitment.

So always be on set before time. Understand the requirements of the assignment and do your home work thoroughly. Discuss about everything and if you are going to arrange some of dresses or props, get it approved in advance.

Clarify every small detail, including your fees as model, travelling expenses, accommodation etc. Also finalize your release period and payment terms.

Do lots of practice for your pose and smile. You need a friend, who can guide you for this and you have to really work hard on it.

Good smile is the first need of modelling career. There are some people, who unknowingly gives one sided smile, which looks quite natural in normal life. However, when it is in front of a lens, your smile has to be equal on both sides. Smile should be expressed not only by your lips but also from your eyes.

Here are some of my experience with good and bad models. No one is perfect, but you can improve by these case studies.

-Modelling tips

Case study - Himanshu Raghav

Though Himanshu has an average looks, he is fully committed for this career. His portfolio is done by someone else, but we have promoted him as a premier member and his photographs are being sold on websites. As My Digital Photography Club is a highly ranked website in all major search engines, Himanshu has a privilege of being noticed by an unknown client through this site.

(Modelling tips - Go to Google© search and type "himanshu raghav". His name will appear on the first page of search engine and one can see his complete portfolio with contact details.)

Case study -Model - AK

AK has a good looks, height and a well built body. However, he could not give good expressions and I had to pack up. His portfolio has been submitted and few of his images are given to my partners for sale, and I am waiting for the response. If his photographs will be sold, he will get second chance to make his complete portfolio.

Modelling tips: Work hard on expression and smile

Case study - Purva Pawar

Purva has a beautiful smile. Her portfolio was done by her friend and I gave her first assignment for a super market. She was committed with her profession and completed the assignment successfully. As she could take directions, she gave perfect expressions, which a commercial assignment needs. I gave her one more assignment, for a corporate giant. Now her career is set and she has got chance in films.

Modelling tips: Practice as much as you can for your expression

Case study - Model - K

Model K has a good photogenic face. She looked fantastic in close-ups but when it came to full length shots, she was rejected. For full length shots, one has to show proper body language with correct posture and hand position. For certain expressions, one has to keep correct eyes, nose and lips positions. She could not perform because of her lack of experience and practice. In a shot, where every things are required, she could manage only one or two things. The shoot was a flop and she was rejected.

Modelling tips: Do your home work and practice properly

Case study - Sonu

At 5' 5" height, Sonu has an average built and well shaped body. As my assignment was for a mid length shot, I never bothered about her height.

She was suppose to hold a product - 'clothing hanger' in her hand and give a broad friendly smile. The product was designed to take five saries at a time and a well set hanger with saries was given to her. I shot her photographs with different products and angles. Through out the session of nearly six hours, she lifted hangers and gave a perfect "product smile" At the end of the shoot, when I lifted one of the product, I realize the weight, which was exceeding twenty five kilos!

And without a single complaint, Sonu was smiling throughout the day!

Modelling tips: Be fully committed

This is how you must be prepared to perform as a model, if you are serious about your career. You must learn from other models experience and avoid those mistakes, flop models were doing.

We will train you how to perform, but it is all up to you, how much you can grasp.

-Modelling tips

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