Tips on photography

Today we can not imagine the world without photography. Tips on photography and techniques of photography will be explained to you on different applications like food, child, portrait, product and nature.

Invention of photography is neither an over night happening nor a research of an individual. Over a period of time, the picture taking machine was developed through the dedicated enthusiasts spending their entire life for an optimistic result. Camera Obscura - a dark chamber was described by Leonardo daVinci by 1490. An upside down image formed by the light rays passing through a small hole in a dark room, was fascinating for many painters. They used this physics to trace out an upside down image on a canvas, to use it as a reference thumbnail sketch.

Invention of film was totally separate. In 1614, Angelo Sala observed the effect of light on silver nitrate. Through years of research by other committed personalities, this chemistry was used in the camera and photography was invented.

The contribution of photography is not only in the field of arts but in lots of other applications. It is a vast subject on its own and a knowledgeable person with an eye of an artist can produce wonders. Though it is a subject of arts, it is entirely dependent on science. In fact, photography is a point where art meet science.

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Let us find some tips on photography and learn techniques in different applications:

Abstract photography

Aerial photography

Amateur photography

Animal photography

Architectural photography

Baby photography

Background of photograph

Beach photography

Bird photography

Candid photography

Child photography

Digital photography tips

Erotic photography

Family portrait

Fashion photography

Fine art photography

Fireworks photography

Flash photography

Flower photography

Food photography

Glamour photography

Good photography

High angle photography

Holiday photography

How to become a professional photographer

How to become a wedding and function photographer

How to shoot cars and automobiles in a studio

How to shoot cars and automobiles on an outdoor location

How to shoot engineering products:

How to shoot fashion accessories

How to shoot jewelry

How to shoot lingerie

How to shoot sofa set and other furniture

How to shoot spider web

Industrial photography

Infrared photography

Landscape photography

Low angle photography

Macro photography

Model photography

Nature photography

Night photography

Nude photography

Outdoor photography

Outdoor portraits

Panoramic photography

Pet photography

Photography in direct sun light


Portrait photography

Product photography

Publishing-house photography

Real estate photography

Royalty free stock photography

Sports photography

Still-life photography

Street photography

Surreal photography

Wedding photography

Wildlife photography

Interested in having a small photography studio? Read about how to built a small Home photo studio

Some very useful tips on how to set a small photography studio in your spare room or a garage.

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High key photography and Low key photography

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