How to shoot Fashion Accessories

Aashna Soni

Model: Aashna Soni

Here are some tips on how to shoot fashion accessories.

Fashion accessories contains fashion wear, hand bags, fashion jewelry, head gear, foot wear etc. and like any other products, they can be shot like an ordinary house hold or engineering product, but when it comes to fashion accessories photo shoot, visual simplicity and honesty has to be considered.

Fashion accessories photography can be shot with or without a model. A human model adds emotional value in a photograph, and at the same time, some products (like socks) gets its shape when it is worn. We may shoot only those part of the body, where fashion accessories are worn. However, if the product is a fashion wear, then full figure shot is required.

Generally for a product catalog, only few shots are taken with a model and the remaining lot is showed either in a stack or folded display. This is done for reducing printing and reproduction cost of a catalog, but if it is for an e-catalog, then we should go for all shots with models.

We can use either normal or a moderate tele lens for this photography. A shot with a wide angle lens may be used for the cover page, but otherwise, we have to minimize any distortion created because of optics. Important consideration is to show the product in its honest size and shape, so that the customer can go for it.

Lighting for fashion accessories are generally soft. Contrast ratio has to be minimum, so that full detail of the product is visible. When model is posing, do not be rigid to give him or her a perfect "modelling pose". A casual and relaxed pose shows comfort level of the product, and it is a secrete of how to shoot fashion accessories.

We can use a colored background, if it goes with the product theme. Otherwise use white, grey or black as a background color. These backgrounds does not create any conflict with the product. We can also use white on white to create a high key photograph or black on black to create a low key image, however, contrast in the background is more preferable for easier visual inspection of a product.

When it comes to number of photographs of products on a spread, maintain camera angle, lighting and background uniform. This creates a visual discipline, and the viewer is not confused. Also maintain the relative size of the product same, with respect to other products, so that one can visualize the size of the product in a photograph. Normally, text detail is provided for size of the product but when it comes to browsing a catalog, text details are rarely read.

When a model is to be shot for these products, mostly young ones in their teen age are selected. A slim, tall model is preferable. When only body parts are to be showed, then specialty models for body parts are selected. It is not necessary that a beautiful figured model has perfect fingers, which can be used in close up shots for a nail polish.

These are general tips on how to shoot fashion accessories, which can be used in other genre of photography also.

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