How to Shoot Lingerie

Here are some useful tips on how to shoot lingerie. Lingerie and undergarments for men or women does not require any special photography equipment. An SLR camera with moderate tele lens is enough for this assignment. We can also shoot with an EVIL camera. A studio setup with three to four lights and required back drop is what we need.

When lingerie is to be shot for a product catalog, we must try to capture as much as product design detail as possible. Most important goal is to show shape and workmanship of the product in very honest way. This can be achieved with soft frontal light, which wraps the product with even illumination. In order to capture texture details on the product, a spot light at an angle is needed. This light can be maximum half stop more powerful than the main light, or keep it at same value so that unnecessary tonal contrast is not induced.

Lingerie and undergarments are mostly shot with model. We need a well shaped body for this product. Skin of the model has to be clear from any blemish and scar or it must be covered with make up, or should be removed while editing. Body make up must blend with facial tone and no sun marks on upper arms should be visible.

Committed professional models normally maintain their body. However, as the remuneration for this modelling assignment is double the normal rates, models may try to give false information, which includes their measurements and weight. So an audition is much better option to avoid any disappointment.

Look for evenly toned skin with well defined waist and hips. Visible collar bones will create bump on shoulder strip of a bra. So select the one with perfect weight. This type of body will also blend the rib cage with the abdomen.

While shooting, be watchful for any fold on decorative lace of the product. It has to be absolutely well shaped and straight as that is the part of the product design, which has important selling feature. For this, we need an assistant, who can carefully watch and correct any fold, which otherwise is very difficult to notice from the camera position.

Any product, which is see through, should be specially manufactured for lingerie shoot. This includes an additional skin colored lining inside the cloth, which covers nipple and pubic hair of the model. Though this gives wrong information of the actual product, but in order to maintain the decency and aesthetic value of the product, we must manipulate.

For undergarment shoot for men, a well shaped hip line with shaped abs and thigh muscles are important consideration. Manhood part must be well balanced in size with the body figure. Though there is a trend to exaggerate this part with artificial inserts to enhance the product appeal, but for the actual buyer, this is not a point of attraction.

Low key lighting can be used for creative shots of lingerie and other undergarments. These shots create good opening page for product range in a catalog.

Apply these techniques of how to shoot lingerie also on fashion accessories and other clothing photography.

These general tips on how to shoot lingerie is also applicable in fashion, erotic and glamour photography.

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