Bird Photography

Bird photography is a part of wild life photography, but it can also be done in cities. Birds can be your pet, for which we have to follow pet photography tips.

There are two different approach we will have to adopt. Some birds are timid and they will fly away from a human and a camera. Others will not care about us and may attack, especially if we try to go closer to their nest with chicks in it.

For a timid bird photography, we have to prepare a hide. This hide should be made of natural things and should camouflage with the ambiance. Find a place, where the bird is likely to come for food, or if we can find a bird's nest with chicks in it, then it will definitely come there.

Set the camera in the hide. Use a long focal length lens so that a distance can be maintained. Keep the camera settings on manual focus and compose and focus the frame. Keep little margin in composition for cropping.

It is preferable to use aperture priority mode and select f 8 or f 11 as a shooting aperture. This will give us not so shallow depth of field and within a foot here and there, the subject will remain sharp.

Use remote click device to trigger the shutter. There are some devices, which can trigger the camera from good distance. Keep camera on continuous shooting mode and wait for the action.

Avoid using an SLR or a DSLR camera for bird photography. SLR cameras make a good noise upon clicking because of the movement of the mirror. This noise will frighten a timid bird and it will fly away. Use either EVIL or a compact camera with zoom lens.

These types of species can be found in urban area also. However, for high flying predators, we need to have different approach. This group of birds, which include hawks, eagles, vultures and owls are rarely found in cities and we have to go for a real wild life photography in a jungle.

Use extreme tele lens for shooting a flying bird. This part of bird photography is comparatively easy, but we have to be in the right place at the right time. If we have an assignment to shoot the chicks and nest of these birds, then the real adventure starts.

We may have to climb a tree or a hill to find a nest of an eagle. Then we can prepare a platform to sit over there and put equipment. We may have to wait for days to get the right shot.

It is always better to learn about the bird we want to shoot. Every thing about what they eat, how they make sound and which is their meeting season. Many birds are migrating and are found during particular period of time at certain place. If we know about it, then things become easier in bird photography.

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