Stock photography for stock photo agency

Stock photography agency collects photographs from different contributors (photographers) and sells them to their clients and users. These photographs are on various subjects like architectural, nature, landscape, wild life, food and people. They are sold on out-right basis and when a photograph is sold to any user, he also gets the exclusive rights to commercially use the photograph.

There are some subjects, which are popular and are in good demand, which your stock photo agency will tell you. You will face a good competition from other contributors but you are free from the marketing part of your creativity.

This is a type of localised business. In analog format, the deal was physical and the buyer would actually get the photographic print or the transparency. Digitized format has crossed this limitation, but still it remains limited as once a photograph is sold, you have to shoot a similar photograph again to redeem the stock.

You have to submit your work on trust basis. Each photograph is checked for its quality, sharpness and market value by the photo inspector of the stock photo agency before putting it for sell. The price is decided by the agency, which is determined by the use, circulation and size of the image. Price also depends on how rare your picture is. Normally, the agency will charge 50 percent of commission on the net selling price, but it can vary from place to place and agency to agency.

Getting model's permission, any other permission and respecting a copy-right of other manufacturer or company is your responsibility, and no agency will accept your work unless all these formalities are completed.

Stock photo agency is a good option for those who are not in photography as a full time professionals. Even if you are a serious amateur photographer, experimenting with your lens, you can earn something from your creativity.

However, one should not send snap shots of their child or pet. Photographs should have pictorial appeal and aesthetic look. Rear images of isolated places, unusual camera angles and photographs of celebrities have good marketing value.

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