Glamour photography

Glamour photography is one of the highest in demand application of photography. The subject, usually models and celebrities portray themselves in a romantic way to promote them.

Actually it is not for any product or dress. If it is for some products, then it is considered as fashion photography. The main objective of a glamour shoot is promotion of the model. Film and glamour magazines need these photographs. Here comes the commercial part. If a model wants to promote himself or herself, then he or she pays to the magazine (or a news paper - page 3) and if a publishing house wants these content for their story, then they pay to the model. In any case, as a photographer, we are paid from either the model or the publishing house.

Apart from publishing house, there is a good demand of these kind of pictures by calendar and pin-up poster manufacturers.

Since there is no interference of merchandise display, creativity in this genre of glamour photography can go up to any limit. It can enter into erotic or nude photography and there is no demarcation line, but we must follow all basic rules of nude photography to save the image falling into immodesty.

Location, background and lighting depends on personal preference and atmosphere we want to create. Glamour photography can be a high key or a low key photography, but limiting colors in the background and props is the secret for a successful result.

Soft directional light will work in most of cases. Fill-in light can be from a good reflector or a second soft light, at least 1 1/2 f-stop less powerful. Kicker light can be used to improve three dimensional appeal, especially if the background is dark in color. Be careful with the skin tone. Slightly warm skin tone (red or orange) in picture is more preferable compared to a cool one (green or blue). Either use a light orange filter on the lens or shift the white balance to cloud or open shade to improve the skin tone.

As a photographer, we have no choice for the subject as the subject (model) is our client. He or she can be a professional model or a celebrity, who will know how to pose in front of the camera and what type of make-up suits them. However, if we are shooting freshers, then we have to give them directions and we need a good make-up artist, who can improve the facial appeal.

There is a trend of barter deal among a photographer and a celebrity. It is good for a fresh photographer, even if the super model does not pay to the photographer but allows his or her photographs to be used in photographer's promotion and portfolio. This way we can built a strong portfolio.

However, when we have established our position as a photographer, then there is no need for this type of barter, unless the model is super model or celebrity.

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