Cool colors - natural and relaxing

Cool colors relax our mind and emotion. They are serene and calm. They never shout. They always convey a message of soothing atmosphere. Starting from green; shades of blue, indigo and violet falls in this range of colors.

These colors are symbol of nature, water and life. Mother nature turns green when she is full of life. These colors are not aggressive and they initiate tranquil feelings to our mind.They give opposite effect of warm colors.

Cool hue works very well in nature and landscape photography, as our brain readily accepts these colors as a part of grass, plantation, water and sky in nature. Green part of this spectrum goes well in food photography as most of vegetables and fruits are green in color.

These colors go well in fashion and glamour photography, as indigo and violet represent a feminine look. Irrespective of the vividness and saturation, almost all colors of cool shade go well for formal as well as casual dress. They also works as a good background colors, as we are accustom to see them in a backdrop.

However, a cool, all over cast of blue or green color, in a photograph of a skin tone makes it look dull and insipid.

Comparatively, cool spectrum of colors are friendly and can be exploited with soft, medium and hard light, as even if the contrast in any form is increased, the end result rarely goes restless and wild.

Lighter shades of cool hue always work well in background for any subject. When these colors are polluted with light grey, they turn dull. Even these shades work but the result has less punch.

Rarely we will need to increase a cool hue cast in a photograph unless we want to give some special look. In such case, we can change the white balance setting of the camera.

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