Brown color

Photograph by: Brian Fernandes

Brown color is an interesting color. This color has a split personality. On one part, it represents earth, which is a symbol of fertility and mother nature. On the other part, it is associated with dry decomposed leaves, which is a symbol of death.

Brown products look more natural. This color is neither masculine nor feminine. On dress, darker shades of brown represents formal wear as it is widely used on suits for men. Almost all shades of brown are used in both, men's and women's dress.

In photography, all shades of darker brown works well on white background. Lighter shades work well on black background but darker shades on black back ground require careful lighting.

Photograph by: Brian Fernandes

Brown is strongly associated with emotion. As it is close to skin tone, we accept it even in contaminated form. It naturally goes well with fashion and glamour photography. It also plays its role in accessories as many exclusive items and dresses are made from pure leather, which is mostly brown in color.

Brown color has a natural and strong look, as brown represents wood. Wood shot in a raw and unpolished form readily blends with nature whereas a polished and finished wooden article has its own noble and rich value.

In food photography, brown is the first ingredient. Almost all cooked items, sweet or salty, are brown in color. Even the basic food, bread is brown. Lot of raw food materials are brown. So it has no issue in representing food item in most palatable fashion.

As a background color, brown blends well with the atmosphere. We readily accept this color as a background as we are used to see it on beaches, fields and wood.

When we shoot a golden article, actually we are converting the golden color in to different shades of brown. The blending of different shades are so perfect, that though no metallic color is used in photography, the blended brown shades, along with little white, black and yellow give a convincing illusion of golden color.

As this color is a mixture of red, orange, yellow and black in different proportions, brown is considered as secondary color. It is not falling in spectral format of VIBGYOR, and it has not a specific wavelength.

On CMYK color mode, it is a mixture of all four colors in various combinations.

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