Warm colors - symbol of energy

Warm colors are energetic and exciting. They grab immediate attention of the viewer. Starting from red; orange, pink, burgundy, brown and yellow falls in this range.

These colors are symbol of the sun, fire and energy. Aggressiveness of these colors excite our emotions. In a photograph, these colors are eye catching. When over used, they will drive away the viewer, as after a while, they look harsh.

These colors work extremely well in food photography, as all of them represent raw or prepared food in some way or other. They have an appetizing look, which excites our emotion.

In baby products, these colors work quite well. In fashion and glamour photography, they are the first choice. They work well, both, in accessories and in background. However, be careful with yellow in the background as it creates a restless movement in the image. A warm hue on skin tone is more acceptable and gives a healthy feeling rather than a cool hue, but over here again, yellow has to be handled carefully. Yellow cast on a skin tone will not look as appealing as red and orange cast and it drives the skin tone towards unhealthy side.

When you want to increase the warmth in a photograph, change the white balance of the camera setting. Some cameras also have a setting of fine tuning the color cast, where we can set it to warmer or cooler colors. This way, we can improve the skin tone.

In advertising photography, these colors are used in a profuse and prodigal manner, as the main intention is to grab the preference of a viewer. Most of them are used on products for the same reason. These are colors, which tell the story in a loud and clear voice.

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