How to make impressive colors work

Striking or impressive colors in photography use color contrast at its maximum. They work well in combination. Warm colors work much better as compared to cool colors but it has to have a substantial support of negative space or contrasting background.

Red is the leading striking color followed by orange and yellow. Even green and blue work well against white background. These colors are used when we have to grab immediate attention of a viewer. Examples are traffic signs and traffic signals.

Striking colors are happy and bright. In advertising photography, these colors are used to catch viewer's eye. In product photography, they tell their story in a bold fashion. It works well in food photography as the basic nature of these colors are exciting, and that is how they excite our appetite.

In glamour photography, these colors work well. As, we have to present our story in larger than life format, and these colors help. However, over use of these colors will compete with the skin tone - the main content of the story, so be careful to use them too much.

Successful results with impressive or striking colors can be achieved, if red is playing some part in the composition. Red is not easily influenced by other colors and with careful placement of red on right spot, the story is complete.

Any combination of complementary colors are impressive. However, primary colors like red, yellow, blue, green, cyan or magenta needs careful proportion between positive and negative space, or the result is tiresome. That is the reason, why white works best as the back ground, as it has no conflict and gives importance to the main content of the photograph.

Secondary colors like brown, purple or burgundy are not very impressive. They have low voice and blend with the story in more compromising manner. However, when saturation in these colors is at maximum, the volume of voice increases.

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