Blue color in photography

Blue color is the color of sky and height. It has calming but very strong effect. It has a split personality, where darker shades are masculine and lighter shades are feminine. It is associated with young as in baby blue. On the other end, it is also associated with maturity as in navy blue. It is a symbol of kingdom as in royal blue. It is color of universe, suggesting nature and life, as it symbolizes water, earth and sky.

Pure blue is used on most of the engineering products for its strong appeal. This color is used in men's dress, both as a formal and casual wear. Most of formal suites are dark or royal blue. On the other end, jeans are the example of casual wear having a blue shade.

In food photography, blue rarely works as there are very few food items (like some cakes and ice-creams), which are blue in color. Therefore blue is associated with sweet dish and it is hard to visualize any hot dish in blue. It requires a careful placement if we want to use it in the background. Some times, it works as it represents very costly bone china crockery, having rich blue painting on it.

Light shades of blue work in fashion and glamour photography. It is used in dress as well as in make up, especially on eyes. Skin tone stands out against blue hue but be careful for any cast created by the blue background on the skin tone.

Blue in photography works well in background as we are familiar with blue sky in background. It becomes a standard component in landscape and aerial photography.

Almost all shades of blue goes on white background but darker shades will require careful lighting against black background.

Blue is considered as cool color of wavelength in 440-490 nm range. Shorter wavelength shift blue towards violet and then ultra-violet. Ultra-violet is not visible to human eye but the film and the digital image sensor is sensitive to this spectrum and it will record it. This is the reason, why we get blue cast in a photograph, shot at mid-day or at higher altitude. A UV or sky-light filter on the camera lens will solve this problem.

Complementary color of blue is yellow. On CMYK color mode, blue color is produced by mixing cyan and magenta.

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