Memory card

Memory card or memory stick for a digital camera is flash memory data storage device. This card is mainly designed to store any format of digitized information and like a reusable floppy disc, it can keep stored data without power.

This card is reusable means that you can erase files from the card and store another file again on it. Apart from digital cameras, they are also used in mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices. They can store any file of any extension.

A card can easily be removed from the camera card slot and place in a card reader for down load of files. Number of manufacturers are manufacturing cards for different cameras and devices, so each one of them can have different physical size and connections. Multiple card readers are available, which can take many cards for reading. Some latest laptop and computers can directly take a card for reading and transferring files. Yet, I prefer to connect the camera directly with the computer, with a wire, for down loads, instead of removing the card from the camera.

The capacity of a card to store data is in MBs or GBs. Price is directly proportional to the data storing capacity of a card. These cards are constructed with rigid material and most of the time, they are reliable. However, when you are going on an outdoor location for a shoot, keep enough stock of these cards. Number of files or images that can be stored on a card depends on the capacity of the card, the image size, image quality and mega pixel of the camera you are using. The camera manual will tell you how much images can be stored on the memory card for different image size settings.

Like any electronic device, these cards must be protected from extreme temperatures, thermal shock and strong magnetic field or the data can be corrupted. If you accidentally happen to erase a file or an image, then it can be retrieved with the help of softwares. These softwares can read an erased file and get back your lost data. However, if you format a card, then all data is permanently wiped off. A card can get infected with a virus and can damage the software of your camera.

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