Digital Camera Care

Camera is a delicate and complicated machine. Some digital camera care must be taken to maintain it in a good working condition. General care and storage method of an analog camera has been explained, (read more about it) which is applicable to digital camera also. However, one must take extra care for this electronic device.

A digital camera works with computerized electronic circuits and power. It is programmed with a software. There is a processor, magnetic data storage and electronically operated mechanical parts. So we must protect it for thermal shock, strong magnetic field and software virus.

Always remove power (battery) from the camera when it is not in use. A battery can leak and damage the electrical circuit of the camera. Always consume the battery power completely and then only recharge it. Never over charge a battery or never short circuit it.

Memory card is a data storage device, which stores the digitized image information on a magnetic disc. (read more about memory cards) When camera is attached with a computer for image downloads, (or if it is connected to the computer with a card reader) the computer will recognize it as an external data storage device. Like any other device, the computer can rename file name, copy the file, cut the file, paste any other file and delete a file. However, never ever rename or delete any file through computer command. Same thing applies for formatting of a card. Never, never format a card with the computer command. Simply copy/paste or drag the file from memory card to computer hard disk, in a new folder and remove the camera connection from the computer by ejecting the device.

A memory card can be infected with a computer virus and then it can spread the virus to other computers. (This is my personal experience.) So the safe way is to always connect the camera to only one computer or laptop, which is not infected with any virus.

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