Modelling Career

Modelling career is one of the most glamorous career, one is looking for, especially as a youngster. Both, males and females are required in this field and age has no bar. We need models right from a day old baby to eighty years old person.

If you are having a good photogenic face, good physics and height, then you have upper hand. Yet, this field gives equal opportunity to less handsome and beautiful people, especially if one has some talent.
Model: Priya Yadav

Modelling career is not that easy as it looks. As a model, you should have some knowledge of acting. You should know about body language. A mute communication has to be established between a viewer of your photograph with you.

One must be ready for a tremendous competition in this field. Those were the days, where models were models and film actors were actors. Now as a model, you have to compete with film actors, sports personalities and other real life celebrities.

Nevertheless, you also can intrude in other fields. Make an impressive portfolio, and then other parallel careers are open for you. Apart from print advertisement, models are required for ad films, ramp shows and fashion shows. You must also be ready to work in films, but for which, proper acting knowledge and ability is must, or you will be thrown out. If you are a good dancer, then you have better chance, especially in song sequence and albums.

Some useful tips on Modelling Career:

Nobody is perfect. Even the most beautiful models are animated and edited on photo editing soft ware. Yet, basics are must, which has to be practiced properly before going for a portfolio shoot. Most important for a model is a smile, which has to be very natural and friendly. Expression of eyes are equally important. In most of cases, as a model, you will have to deal with only two expressions. Smile and serious look. Rarely you may have to give a surprised look. So before going for a portfolio shoot, master these expressions in front of a mirror and in front of your friend, who can guide you.

Also practice for your body language. Photographer, who is shooting your portfolio will direct you, for your posture and position while shooting. However, in actual commercial assignment, you will have to give perfect expressions as per art director's requirements, without any directions and instructions. You are being paid for it.

Your portfolio must have at least three face shots, three mid shots and five full shots in different outfits. Full shots should be in standing, sitting and sleeping position. Outfits for male models must have a formal, casual, jeans and brief. For female models, it has to be a sari, casual dress, party wear, formal dress and swim wear or bikini.

As a model. you must take good care of your skin and hair. Female models must do eye brows and remove unwanted hair. Teeth are important, especially when you are giving a smile. If they are not nicely lined up, then consult a dentist for cosmetic repairs.

Always check if you have any skin allergy for make-up you apply. To check this, apply little of the make-up (you are going to use on your face) on the back of your elbow. Wait for couple of hour for any reaction. If there is any reaction, consult your skin specialist and change the brand.

If you are interested in glamour and fashion shoot, then you have to maintain ideal body weight. Models with slight under weight is acceptable for this shoot but over weight people are rarely selected.

Please remember, modelling career is a business and lots of money and time is involved. So as a model, be professional in your approach and commitments.

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