Pattern in photography

Pattern in photography is the element, which has its own significance.

Pattern is a repetition of a shape or form within a photograph. It can be a regular shape like tiles on a roof or irregular shape like ripples in water. Any pattern captured in a photograph shows the continuity of the subject. It shows that there is further range in the subject but we have just isolated a selected part of it.

This element must be used with prudence. It may initially look interesting, but on its own, it is not enough interesting element of photograph. It is associated with reassurance and rhythm. It can be enhanced with perspective and contrast to create depth in a picture. However, it has no ever lasting impact.

Element of pattern works in food photography. Food could be raw or cooked, continuity in form of a pattern shows quantity of the content.

Photograph by: Brian Fernandes

As a design, pattern is very common on dresses for women. In such case, it depends on the design of the pattern, and when we have to use this type of material in a fashion or glamour photography, then we have to be careful for this component, which should not over power the main subject. In most of cases, it will.

Capturing pattern is more towards artistic approach and in commercial and product shoot, it is rarely applied. Some patterns are found in nature, so we accept it without any objection. However, on its own, they are boring. Yet, the rhythmic content has some potential as a secondary role to assist other elements and make a good photograph.

Other elements like texture and line can get mixed with the element of pattern in a photograph. This type of blending may or may not work for the same limitations, as a pattern.

Some times, pattern in photography can work well as a back ground. A bird in a pond is the main subject, and the pattern in the water is in the back ground. So it goes well when other dominating elements are having a good story value.

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