Which camera to buy?

Which camera to buy? -Shehnaaz Bagasrawala

This is a general question I have to answer to lot of my friends. All major camera manufactures are coming in the market with new features and models. These features may vary for the same model marketed in different country or a camera with different model number with same features can be available in different countries. It all depends on the marketing strategy of the camera manufacturing company.

When you are looking for a camera, the choice will depend on number of factors. A successful particular model in one country can be a flop in other country. It is never because of the quality of a brand or the product, but other factors like availability of parts, spare battery, charger, serviceability and repairing counts.

Vendor plays major roll in pushing a brand, for obvious commercial reason. So search the market, and always give preference to an authorized dealer or the one with good reputation. Even if they are a bit expensive, you are sure for the product. If you are purchasing it from an unknown supplier, you will not know that how many times the camera is handled, - handled roughly.

Do not jump for the latest model. Electronic market updates so fast that new arrivals are regular happening. A new launch is always expensive and after some time, the price falls.

Compact camera with 10 to 12 mega-pixel is a good choice but quality of the lens is more important factor for selecting which camera to buy. Higher mega-pixel will allow you to enlarge the print but after all, it is the lens, which is creating a good quality, distortion free image. If the lens is not corrected for its faults, you will not get a good sharp image. Read more about lenses

So how to find a good lens? It is mentioned on the lens ring. Look for "Aspherical" and "Multi coated" labels. An aspherical lens is corrected for spherical aberration or "coma" This is a fault when the lens cannot maintain sharpness on the edges. Aspherical design corrects this fault but as it is difficult to machine an aspherical curvature, the cost of lens increase.

Lens has a chemical coating on its surface, which improves its transparency and hence the performance, especially when shooting against light. It reduces lens flare.

If you are looking for DSLR, then you can go up to 15 or 19 mega-pixel cameras. With DSLRs, you have choice of selecting lenses as per your requirements. Normally these cameras are supplied with 18 to 55 mm or 18 to 70 mm zoom lens, which is good enough for general photography Should your first concern is unmatched picture quality, then go for a prime lens.

All major brands of camera are good. Remember, there is nothing like best camera. It is the person who is creating a photograph.

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