How to make Light Box

This is a simple method of how to make light box. A step-by-step method of making a very simple light box, which is light in weight, portable and can be dismantled after use.

You will need few plastic fittings, which are used in house hold plumbing.

"T" connection (plastic) of ½" size - eight pieces

"L" connection (plastic) of ½" size - eight pieces

24" long plastic pipe of size ½" - twelve pieces

1 ½" long plastic pipe of size ½" - eight pieces

All these material is available at any local hardware shop.

28" x 28" acrylic sheet, for diffusing light

White paper for background. We can also use a colored paper, if we want to use a colored background.

Make two frames using eight "T"s and eight 24" pipes as showed in above diagram. Attach small pipes at the other end of "T" connections.

Place it on ground and fix "L" connections on small pipes.

Complete the frame as showed in drawing.

Place acrylic sheet on top to diffuse light, fix paper backdrop with clamps or paper clips, and your light box is ready

You can either place reflectors on sides or cover it with acrylic sheet to give angled light.

This light box can be used in photography of jewelry and other small products, which has polished surface. Should you need a larger size, then you can use longer pipes, but other connectors and fitting procedure remains the same.

A clean and crisp high light is produced by the top light, which is diffused by an acrylic sheet. As we can cover the sides with white reflector, this box eleminates all unwanted reflection, falling on the product. Front side also can be covered with a reflector, leaving just enough opening for the camera lens. (However, it will over correct the lighting and make it soft. The result will have less contrast, which is an ideal deal for products, which are to be shot for record purpose.)

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