Pentax ME super 35mm SLR camera

by Rakesh
(Kolkata,West Bengal,India)

Type: 35mm SLR camera with aperture-preferred automatic exposure, "pushbutton" electronic manual override, auto flash synch (with AF 200S and AF 160 Auto Flash units) . Mount: Pentax Bayonet Mount with fully automatic diaphragm linkage. Standard Lenses: SMC Pentax 50mm f/ 1.2 SMC Pentax-M 40mm fl2.8 SoMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1A SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/2 Shutter: Seiko MFC-E2 vertical-run metal focal plane shutter, automatic shutter speeds electronically controlled between 4 sec. and 1/2000 sec. (stepless variation); electronic manual shutter speeds at 14 viewfinder settings (varied by dual pushbutton controls) . plus mechanical settings of "125X" and "8" (operates without batteries at mechanical settings): selection via exposure mode dial ; shutter button lock also provided. Auto Flash Synch: Synchronizes automatically with AF 200S and AF 160 Auto Flash Unit at 1/ 125 sec. via hotshoe in both "AUTO" and "M" modes. LED flash synch/ready indication provided in viewfinder. Self-timer: Delays shutter release 4 -10 seconds. Exposure Metering: Open aperture, center-weighted through-the-Iens light metering by GPO cells. Exposure range from EV 1 -EV 19 (ASA 100 with 50mm f/1A lens). Film speed range: ASA 12 -1600; 3-color LED shutter speed readout in viewfinder. ±2 EV exposure compensation via dial (1 /4X, 1/2X, 2X, 4X). 20 -35 sec. display given on partically pressing shutter button which acts as metering switch. Viewfinder: Silver-coated pentaprism finder with split-image/microprism focusing screen; shows 92% of the picture area, 0.95X magnification
with 50mm lens; -1.0 diopter eyepiece (accepts correction eyepieces). Viewfinder Indications: 2-color shutter speed readout: GREEN LEDs indicate speeds from 1/60 to 1/2000 sec. (adequate range for handheld shooting); YE LLOW LEDs give camera shake warning for speeds from 4 sec. thru 1/30 sec.; RED LED "OVER/UNDER" exposure warning; RED LED exposure compensation warning;"M" (man'ual) exposure warning when "M" LED is continuously lit ("M" auto flash ready indication when "M" LED flashes); auto flash synch indication by GREEN LED at "125X." Film loading: Magic-needle quick/sure loading. Film Advance and Rewind: Single-stroke, rapid wind lever, plastic-tipped for winding comfort. 1350 throw with 300 standoff angle. Rewind via film rewind crank. Couplings provided for use with 2 fps Winder ME II automatic film winder (also accepts Winder ME). Exposure Counter: Automatic reset type. Batteries/Battery Check: Two 1.5V alkaline or s'ilver-oxide batteries power electronic systems in both AUTO and "M" exposure modes. LEOs in viewfinder flicker when batteries are low, cease to light on battery failure. Back Cover: Standard camera back with spring catch; removable for use of camera with Dial Data ME; memo holder on back. Body Size: 131.5 x 83 x 49.5mm Body Weight: 445 grams
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