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5 Months old Fuji S2950 (14Mp & 18x zoom) for sale. Camera from store comes with no accessories. But I'm giving you 8 rechargeable batteries with charger and camera bag for sale. Will also provide bill and 2yrs warranty card. Reason for sale my camera is, i'm upgrading to DSLR. If anyone interested mail me at


Sony Handycam DCR DVD810 On Sale!

Only For Rs.13000

I bought it 3 years ago for Rs. 26000 and am selling this wonderful camera only so that I could by a DSLR. It has a DVD Recorder, Sd Card slot, Internal Memory, Night Vision Facility, Touch Screen LCD, ViewFinder and IS OFFICIAL Sony Product bought from the SHOWROOM. 200x Digital Zoom with case and BAG. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE

If Interested in Buying: Please Call on 9833648319 In Mumbai (Goregaon) or Email me at



Mumbai, India,

I want to sell my used camera tripod. It is slightly damaged, but in working condition.

Price Rs. 1000.00

Contact Rupesh at


Abhishek, Faridabad, Delhi NCR, India

Canon 1N RS EOS film camera (Rare) is up for sale. (Mint condition)

I am selling my Canon 1N RS EOS Film camera for sale. This is the world fastest EOS film camera. It is in a very mind contidion. Used very rarely and almost in dust free areas.

Expected Price - 35000/- Only serious buyers should contact email:

Kolkata, India

SPECIFICATIONS Type: 35mm SLR camera with aperture-preferred automatic exposure, "pushbutton" electronic manual override, auto flash synch (with AF 200S and AF 160 Auto Flash units).

Mount: Pentax Bayonet Mount with fully automatic diaphragm linkage. Standard Lenses: SMC Pentax 50mm f/ 1.2 SMC Pentax-M 40mm fl2.8 SoMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1A SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/2 Shutter: Seiko MFC-E2 vertical-run metal focal plane shutter, automatic shutter speeds electronically controlled between 4 sec. and 1/2000 sec. (stepless variation); electronic manual shutter speeds at 14 viewfinder settings (varied by dual pushbutton controls) . plus mechanical settings of "125X" and "8" (operates without batteries at mechanical settings): selection via exposure mode dial ; shutter button lock also provided.

Auto Flash Synch: Synchronizes automatically with AF 200S and AF 160 Auto Flash Unit at 1/ 125 sec. via hotshoe in both "AUTO" and "M" modes. LED flash synch/ready indication provided in viewfinder. Self-timer: Delays shutter release 4 -10 seconds. Exposure Metering: Open aperture, center-weighted through-the-Iens light metering by GPO cells. Exposure range from EV 1 -EV 19 (ASA 100 with 50mm f/1A lens). Film speed range: ASA 12 -1600; 3-color LED shutter speed readout in viewfinder. ±2 EV exposure compensation via dial (1 /4X, 1/2X, 2X, 4X). 20 -35 sec. display given on partically pressing shutter button which acts as metering switch. Viewfinder: Silver-coated pentaprism finder with split-image/microprism focusing screen; shows 92% of the picture area, 0.95X magnification with 50mm lens; -1.0 diopter eyepiece (accepts correction eyepieces). Viewfinder Indications: 2-color shutter speed readout: GREEN LEDs indicate speeds from 1/60 to 1/2000 sec. (adequate range for handheld shooting); YE LLOW LEDs give camera shake warning for speeds from 4 sec. thru 1/30 sec.; RED LED "OVER/UNDER" exposure warning; RED LED exposure compensation warning;"M" (man'ual) exposure warning when "M" LED is continuously lit ("M" auto flash ready indication when "M" LED flashes); auto flash synch indication by GREEN LED at "125X." Film loading: Magic-needle quick/sure loading. Film Advance and Rewind: Single-stroke, rapid wind lever, plastic-tipped for winding comfort. 1350 throw with 300 standoff angle. Rewind via film rewind crank. Couplings provided for use with 2 fps Winder ME II automatic film winder (also accepts Winder ME). Exposure Counter: Automatic reset type. Batteries/Battery Check: Two 1.5V alkaline or s'ilver-oxide batteries power electronic systems in both AUTO and "M" exposure modes. LEOs in viewfinder flicker when batteries are low, cease to light on battery failure. Back Cover: Standard camera back with spring catch; removable for use of camera with Dial Data ME; memo holder on back. Body Size: 131.5 x 83 x 49.5mm Body Weight: 445 grams

Contact Details:


Sparsely Used Sony DSLR A100 camera for sale.

The camera comes with HVL F36AM flash, and SAL 75300 lens. Imported and has been used just a couple of times. In good condition.

Please check for compete details of the product.

For further details plz contact 8341669492/ 9849219033


Camera sellers in India

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