Himanshu Raghav

Name:- Himanshu Raghav

Date of Birth:- 21.08.1988

Star Sign:- Leo

Education:- B.E. (mechanical)

Height:- 6'2" (187cm)

Color:- Wheatish

Eye Color:- Black

Hair Color:- Black

Body:- Athletic

Status:- Single

Religion:- Hindu

Smoking:- Never

Drinking:- Never

Games I play:

1) Indoor:- chess, carrom, table tennis

2) Outdoor:- cricket, basketball, volleyball, swimming, discuss throw, shot put, javelin throw, long races.

(Actually i am a jack of all trades but master of none)

Passion:- passionate about acting, apart from being fitness crazy.

Best actor:- the one and only, the super star of millennium, the angry young man of his time, Dr. Shri Amitabh Bachchan

Best actress:- not just one

About me:

-I am a free thinker

-very much broad minded

-open minded

-fun loving

-very much caring but not over possessive

-believe in smiling and making all smile

-believe in taking care of my friends and near and dear ones

-very cool and not very aggressive

-I rarely get angry, but when I loose temper, am just uncontrollable

-I love to give and get surprises

-love to play pranks on friends

-more understanding power than usual people

-I am good at socializing with people

-although i love flute, harmonica and violin but never got the chance to learn any

-good understanding of human psychology

-I am a confident person with very much positive attitude

-I believe that every person has his/her own individuality

-my motto in life is to make all happy and do something really very big for my nation

-also i want to earn a very big deal of money

-I want to be embedded in luxury and wanna live exclusively rich life but still grounded at mind and heart

About Food:- I love everything prepared by my mom, apart from this I love pani puri a lot. Rasgulle is also mouth watering. Actually I have got a big appetite so the list can go endlessly ...

About Education: Himanshu Raghav

-I did my 10th from Atomic Energy Central School(C.B.S.E. Board)

-I did my 12th from Atomic Energy Junior College(Maharashtra Board)

-I did my B.E. in Mechanical from Mumbai University

About Acting:

-acting is in my blood (at least I feel so and not just feel, I know it that we are made for each other)

-I have done many acts and dramas in school and college life, which have been appreciated by masses

-I have been good at handling people while at stage as an anchor

-I am a great fan of Amitabh Bachchan since my childhood

-My latest achievement - I have done one Hindi film, in which I have done a lead negative role. I will post update of this film when it will release.

-I also admire Kishore Kumar, not just as a singer but also as an actor

-although I have not learned acting from any institute but I am sure to do well if got a chance because acting is no less than my love, passion, dream and aim

-my love for acting can be understood by this fact that when I was on facebook, one of my longest lived status was, " I am committed......... to my passion, aim and dream"

Final Words:- if u have some aim, then be committed to it, because if u cant commit to your own life, u cannot commit to anyone else...

-Himanshu Raghav

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Dated : 26th October 2011

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